Dannon Light And Fit Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts


With spring celebrations like the prom approaching, some people may choose healthy snacks to feel more elegant in this beautiful dress. The next time you grab a bowl of yogurt, consider this delicious little alternative: Greek yogurt.

Greek style yogurt takes all the good things about regular yogurt – calcium and beneficial bacteria – and makes food for heroes. Let’s take a cup of plain, skimmed yogurt: It contains 11 grams of protein, 15 grams of sugar, and 110 calories. A cup of plain Greek yogurt contains 20 grams of protein, 9 grams of sugar, and 120 calories.

Incredibly high protein comes from the way it is made. It is strained with a cotton cloth, which removes much of the whey. Results? A tart, low-fat dessert that takes yogurt to the next level.

Greek yogurt that is high in protein and low in sugar makes it an ideal fitness food. Protein is the building blocks of your body. When combined with weight lifting, protein will help you build lean muscle. Studies also show that people who eat more protein stay full for longer. Plus, eating more protein gives a boost to your metabolism, as your body has to work harder to digest it. Low sugar reduces blood sugar spikes.

Yogurt itself is very beneficial for your body. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, people who eat 2-3 servings of low-fat dairy products per day have a 50% lower chance of developing high blood pressure. The good bacteria in yogurt aid in digestion, and can reduce the chance of developing a yeast infection. Basically, yogurt makes your body very happy, and a happy body always feels and works better.

But besides good nutrition, Greek-style yogurt is a delicious treat on its own. It’s thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, making it a delicious breakfast, snack, or even dessert. When consuming regular yogurt, it is very tart, but those who crave a sweeter dessert can sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon or add a little honey.

What is the best way to enjoy your Greek adventures? Greek yogurt is very versatile. For breakfast, try some healthy cereals or granola, mixed with nuts, nut butter, or flaxseeds, and topped with fresh fruit. Sprinkle a little honey or agave nectar if desired. Greek yogurt is also a great topping for pies, pies, or oatmeal.

For lunch or dinner, the sour Greek yogurt makes it an ideal substitute for sour cream. Put some on tacos or add to soups.

For dessert, Greek yogurt tastes great with fruit, or sprinkle with nuts and a little chocolate sauce for a healthy sundae. Of course, many people love the crunchy and delicious taste of regular Greek yogurt without anything added.

Fortunately, Greek yogurt is becoming more and more popular in grocery stores. Some brands to look out for are Fage, Oikos, and Chobani, although Yoplait and Dannon have recently come out with their own Greek lines. Greek yogurt may be a little more expensive than regular yogurt, but it’s your hot little body, and it deserves the best fuel possible.

There is nothing wrong with regular milk. But if you’ve just noticed that prom is around the corner and you want to get better in shape to look your best, turn to Greek. Women’s associations do not need to be involved.

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